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Corporate Team Paint

Paint Chill Co offers a unique team bonding experience and a great way to spoil your team!
£34 pp
What happens in this class?

Is your team in need of some chill time? Re-connect with your hard-working colleagues and give them a break to reward their efforts.

Each event hosted by an experienced artist with easy step-by-step guidance and encouragement so you can learn to paint in a peaceful atmosphere. No experience is required and feel free to ask questions and keep that office banter going along the way.

Painting is proven to boost endorphins of happiness, unlock creativity not just in painting but in problem-solving at work too, and it's a great equalizer to break down barriers…

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Things to remember

Got a space in your office? We can come to you. All we need is a large enough communal area with tables and chairs to fit all your guests comfortably. We'll provide the rest.

Alternatively we can use a bar location or other venue space.

What does Paint Chill need to hosts an event at your office or away day?
-A Large enough area to accommodate all your guests seated comfortably -Tables and chairs for all guests (Rectangular tables proffered) -Access to a sink for Paint Chill staff members (this can be anywhere in the vicinity). -Non carpeted floors proffered
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